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Friday, April 30, 2010

Free Headband May 8 - May 14

Paddicakes is offering 1 free "No Slip" headband, just pay the standard shipping! Why are we offering this headband for free? Because we are sure you'll love this product and that you'll be back for more.

Our headbands insure comfort and durability. Stop getting frustrated with your other headbands that don't stay in place or hurt your head. This unique design "Stays Put" with 2 simple pieces of velcro. These headbands can fit a toddler to an adult. Simply lace one side of the ribbon through the loop and tie into a bow.

One offer per household and while supplies last. http://www.paddicake.com/


PorterFamily said...

How do I purchase your headbands? I can't find a link to do so. Thanks!


PaddiCakes said...

Hi Porter Family! Just go to paddicake.com

thanks for following us!