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Friday, September 24, 2010

Swiss Days

Don't forget about Swiss Days. If you are in the Southern Utah area this weekend, please make the short drive to Santa Clara for their annual Swiss Days celebration (Friday and Saturday).

PaddiCakes will be on display at the booth exhibits and we will have ALL our inventory from our website plus things that we haven't added yet to our website.

You are going to want to miss out at Swiss Days!

In addition, if you are attending the event and purchase item(s) from our booth, print this post and we will give you an additional 10% off your entire order!!


Due to our Swiss Days exhibit, we will all be busy working at the booth so will be skipping the Steal of the Week. I am sorry to those of you that this is an inconvenience. Watch for us on October 2 for the next Steal of the Week!

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